The Vagina Manifesto

Love your vagina. Love yourself.

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Your vagina, yourself

There are a lot of things floating around in my head that are congealing into ideas for this blog, but the most immediate issue that spawned its creation was this blog post by a messageboard friend of mine. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the now infamous “Tale of the Moldy Tampon”. In case you still haven’t clicked, here is the tampon in question:


If you just threw up in your mouth a little, that’s a reasonable reaction.

I knew that tampons and pads were not sterile, whatever the impression individual wrappers give. It never occurred to me though that there could be active living organisms lurking within in the object I was inserting directly into my vagina. Like most of you, I don’t really think much at all about my sanitary supplies. Once a month, I self-consciously enter that aisle of pretty colored squishy packages, throw something into my basket with as little lingering as possible and then buy one or two other items so that when I get to the checkout, I don’t feel like my purchase is screaming, “I’M HAVING MY PERIOD. RIGHT NOW!” I do much the same in the privacy of my bathroom. The changing of pads or tampons happens as quickly and with as little looking/touching as possible. Inspecting my tampon for mold would never in a million years cross my mind.

So, the Tale of the Moldy Tampon got me to thinking how attentive (or not) the average woman is to her vagina. Does she know how it works? The pros/cons and safety issues associated with her sanitary product of choice? Does her relationship with her vagina have any bearing on her behavior, her sense of self-worth, etc? More ideally, how SHOULD a woman be relating to her vagina?

And thus, I formulated The Vagina Manifesto.

More to come. I look forward to reading your comments.

The Vagina Manifesto

  1. I love and respect myself and my vagina.
  2. My vagina does not define who I am but I do define how I treat my vagina.
  3. Because I love and respect myself, I am educated about the function of my vagina, wise in my use of it and diligent in its care.
  4. I do not grant access to my vagina to anyone who does not also love and respect me.
  5. I reject any attempts to use my vagina as a reason or method to dismiss, demean or degrade me.
  6. I shamelessly encourage others to love and respect themselves in a similar manner.

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